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We serve the whole state of Minnesota and surrounding states of North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin as well.

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Let us help you become bat free.

The AllState Bat Difference

How much does it cost?

Many things go into the way a structure is priced out. Pricing will vary according to style (rambler, 1 ½ story, 2 story), business or commercial, pitch of roof (if it can be walked on or not), gables or dormers, style of roofing materials (shingles, metal, cedar, ect), ability to get around and work on structure. Its best to fill out the form on this web site and send a pic, or people have been willing to send multiple photos (2/3 of different angles) to my phone number via text message or email. A simple look at the structure can give an idea of what a building will take to get it bat proofed.

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About the Owner

Mike Carter has worked in the construction industry for many years. He has worked with many different contractors and has seen many different methods of construction through the years. This has given him the ability to identify problems on structures that could increase the potential for bats gaining access to a structure.

Bat Control Difference

The most common complaint we hear is that "the other person they hired never called back" or "just never came back." In our invoice, it states there is a 2 year warranty so if there is ever a concern by a customer about anything, we will always make the effort to come back and check things over. The work we do will last longer than 2 years, this warranty will that give you the time necessary to get any risidual bat issues taken care of if need be.

Servicing All of the Midwest

Allstate Bat Control is based out of Alexandria, Minnesota, but we are happy to service your bat issues all over the Midwest. We have done work all over Minnesota and in the neighboring states of South and North Dakota. Look at the list of some of the communities we have served on the home page. Do not feel shy about calling thinking you might be too far away. We would consider it a privilege to take care of your bat issues for you.

Services Provided

Building Inspection

If you are worried that your home has bats or aren't quite sure, we can provide a building inspection first. This can be likened to preventative maintenance. If we find bats after the building inspection, we do recommend having us perform the bat removal process.

See FAQ - Can I Bat Proof my Own House?

If a person lives relatively close (within an hour or so) there isn't a charge for this at all. Even if you are further away, if you would chose to hire us, we would not charge for the inspection.

Process of Removal

The bat removal process involves AllState Bat Control checking the home from roof top to foundation for access for the bats. After all, bats get in from the outside of your house. So all work is done from the outside. Sealing up areas, and putting the excluders on which allow the bats to leave and not reenter the home. Some people will want an attic inspection while we are doing the bat proofing process, and that is total understandable. Then someone would have to be there to allow entrance into home. This allows us and homeowners to have a gauge to see how much activity there has been inside the structure.

Attic Restoration

Restoration is the Process of cleaning your infected area, generally the attic. Removing debris and infected materials, disinfecting and sealing all the surfaces of areas that are infected. This process is not always called for or needed. But would be for a HEAVILY infested area with strong odor and damage to the building materials.

It can involve as much as taking out ALL the insulation from the attic, if heavily infected. Or it can be removing just the surface area (top 3-6 inches as an example) if guano hasn't built up and soiled all the insulation. An inspection can answer all those questions and the extent of work needed. If worried about this, call us and we will provide more information with regard to the process and related cost.

Price can vary greatly with the work involved. Many factors go into the cost per sq ft. Size of job, difficulty of access, amount of insulation/guano needed to be removed. Jobs we have done have ranged from $2-6 dollars a square ft. Price includes removal, disinfecting, and sealing. It's why an inspection is so important. Many variables go into a job of this magnitude.

Look at the pictures below of jobs that we have done. Pictures are before, during, and after.

Attic Restoration Projects

Pine River East building with damage
Pine River East building during bat cleanup and removal
Pine River East building after bat proofing
Pine River West building with bat damage
Pine River West building during bat cleanup and removal
Pine River West building after bat proofing
Swanville building with bat damage
Swanville building during bat cleanup and removal
Swanville building after bat proofing
Chimney before bat cleanup and removal
Chimney after bat proofing
pine river east before
pine river east during
pine river east after
pine river west before
pine river west during
pine river west after
swanville before
swanville during
swanville after
chimney before
chimney after

Bat Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have bats?
Some have seen them coming out of their homes directly out of eves, soffits, vents, ect. Along with that, there is usually bat guano (feces) that can be in or by various entrance points that will give evidence of bats inhabiting a house or structure. During the winter time, it is usually evident by different sounds that a person will hear as they are trying to hibernate in a structure. The colder it gets, they go deeper into a house under the insulation and cavities of a wall so they can survive. The sounds a person will here can be chirping, squeaking, and scratching as they move around. Also, bat droppings have a distinct odor if there is an unusual amount that builds up over time or in the number of bats a person might have in their structure. Bat guano is also different that mouse droppings in size and density.
Can I Bat Proof my own house?

Anything can be done. But it takes very meticulous work and being very thorough in examining a structure for openings. There's also the way excluders are put on. The position and location have to be put on correctly, so they will be effective. A person does not want to just go around and plug holes. We also have knowledge of building products that are good in themselves, but we are aware if issues that might still allow bats to enter a structure, even if the product was installed correctly.

See Construction Issues

Are bats beneficial?

Yes. They are even protected by the Government.

Worldwide, bats are a major predator of night-flying insects, including pests that cost farmers billions of dollars annually. Many bats thrive on an insect diet. A single bat can eat as many as 1200 small sized insect in a hours, and each bat usually eats 6,000 to 8,000 insects each night. That can certainly make a back yard more comfortable.

Throughout the world, seed dispersal and pollination activities by bats are vital to agriculture. Its not just birds and bees that pollinate. Bats do also.

In addition, studies of bats have contributed to medical advances including the development of navigational aids for the blind.

Bats really get a bad rap when it comes to vilifying them. It is true a person does not want them in there home, but they play an important part of this earth. And their very lives are in danger. The newest threat is the white nose disease. It messes up the biological make-up in their body. Its cause millions of bats to die.

AllState Bat Control understands this and does not use any method or chemicals that would harm or destroy bats. We use non-lethal methods in the Bat Proofing Process.

Is it bad if bats are in my house?

Yes. Bats can cause many problems in homes.

  • Smell - Bat guano and urine has a strong odor and gets worse as the amount of guano grows. It is one of the ways bats mark their area/home.

  • Disease - Bats are known carriers of parasites and rabies. Although chances are slim one might be infected why take the chance. Also bat guano can carry respiratory disease such as histoplasmosis.

  • Damage - Damage that guano and urine can have on structures can be devastating. Guano and urine damages the products that it lands on. It stains and coats soffit and fascia that is difficult if not impossible to clean. With the cost of home ownership and repairs getting more expensive, it is important to remove bats from a structure as soon as possible. (See bat damage)
How did the bat get in my living space?

Once a bat is lost or disoriented in a structure, they will look for a way out by following air drafts. This can happen by many different things. Attic hatches or doorways leading to an attic. It’s not uncommon for us to lift an attic hatch for an attic inspection and see guano on top of it because of air movement around it. There are also utility lines and plumbing pipes going through walls and ceilings that lead to the attic. These holes cut into sheetrock and studs are sometimes large enough to allow a bat into wall cavities or into basements. Old chimneys are utilized for venting. All these types of infrastructure can create openings that might be big enough to allow them to enter living quarters.

This is most likely to happen in late summer when young become independent and unusually warm days in the winter within a structure that bats are hibernating in.

Bat Damage

Select a category below to take a better look at some bat damage and construction issues.
bat damage and discoloration Bat Discoloration
Guano can have a very negative effect on metal surfaces over time. Here it is rusting the soffit and is dirty.
bat damage on awning and window Awning and window
Bat feces on window sill from dozens of bats inhabiting an awning above window. Very unsightly and unclean. Awning had to be removed and a pressure washer had to be used to get window cleaned.
bat soffit damage Soffit damage
Bat inhabiting an area under a soffit. Staining is developing from extended habitation.
bat damage on the brick ledge Brick Ledge
Bat is hanging by brick ledge and window. This picture was taken right on broadway of a small rural town. About mid-afternoon. Spots of feces can be seen below bat.
bat damage on soffit and roof Soffit and roof
Areas around soffits are common points of entry and exit for bats. Also unsightly residue from guano and urine.
bat attic damage Attic damage
This attic access had much guano around entrance. This easily could lead to air borne desease.
foundation gap bat entry point Foundation gap
Area of house between foundation and sill plate where bats were entering.
soffit gaps bat entry point Soffit Gaps
Soffit installed incorrectly creating large gaps that bats can enter.
soffit seperation bat entry point Soffit Seperation
Soffit seperating from the shingles creating bat entry points.
Warped Shingles
A warp where shingles meet can also be an entry point.
bent soffit bat entry point Bent Soffit
Most common area seen as point of entry. Reroofing houses can commonly cause soofits to be bent open as this one was. Or soffits not cut and installed tight enough is another issue seen.
bat entry through grated venting Grated Venting
Attic venting as this one is installed correctly, but is manufactured in such a way that bats can make there way through grated venting seen here. Removing is not necessary, AllState Bat Control can fix this issue.
bats enter through decorative roof tops Decorative Roof Tops
Cedar shakes and decorative roof tops such as this are pretty, but can lend to attracting bats. Especially if roof tops have working venting units. Screening can deteriorate over time.
bat entry through roof top venting Venting
Venting such as this is very common but does not come with screening in unit. Bats are easily able to enter attic areas. No need to remove/replace, AllState Bat Contol can put screening in after the fact to help you gain back you peace of mind.